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Langum crowned champ; LA dominates

langum champ
langum champ

Jeff Langum's gigantic full beard natural won him top honors and $1000 courtesy of Bluebeards Original at the Just for Men National Beard and Moustache Championships® in New Orleans on September 7, but the City of Los Angeles established itself as the bearding capital of America with an impressive haul of six medals, three of them gold. Al Underwood led LA's charge with a perfect score of 25 points in the Musketeer category. That's the bearding equivalent of 300 in bowling, 27 straight strikeouts in baseball, or a score of 18 for a round of golf. Al won the same category last year in Vegas.

Other LA medalists included Dan Lawlor (Freestyle Moustache -- gold), Jeffrey Moustache (Verdi -- silver), Roberto Campos (Imperial Moustache -- silver), Nathan Johnson (Sideburns -- gold), and Alfred Nash (Hungarian Moustache -- bronze). Did I miss anyone?

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