Planning for Vegas.


One of the reasons for choosing Vegas for the 2012 Nationals is that it is easy to get to from just about everywhere. Most major US airports have non-stop flights to Las Vegas, and right now airfares are cheap! Once in Vegas, you can rent a car or take a cab or shuttle. A cab from the airport to the Golden Nugget costs about $35. Several shuttle companies have frequent shuttles that will run about $15 to the Golden Nugget round-trip. You won't really need a car unless you are planning an out-of-town excursion, as taxis are readily available and there is a bus right near the Golden Nugget that can take you to the strip and another that can take you to the competition venue if you don't want to walk.

Here are few examples of round-trip fares including tax available as of July 22, 2012:

Atlanta -- $242 Austin -- $247 Boston -- $297 Chicago -- $183 Detroit -- $218 Los Angeles -- $88 New York -- $293 Orlando -- $280 Philadelphia -- $266 Portland, OR -- $143 San Francisco -- $92 St. Louis -- $242 Washington, D.C. -- $298

These prices are not available every day. Tip: the best deals are available for those who can return home on Tuesday, November 13. Remember, Monday, November 12 is a holiday. So if you can skip work/school on Tuesday, you should be able to get a great deal. Rooms at the Golden Nugget are only $45 on Monday night.