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LA still 'Stachetown


The First Annual Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Competition, held on August 14, boasted one of the most impressive was fields of moustache competitors ever assembled. There were 28 competitors in the category but it was the quality of the upper lip hair that wowed the audience. LA established itself as the world moustache capital when it swept the Imperial Moustache Category at the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships and reasserted its claim to 'stache superiority at this event.

There was competition in a five categories with darn near 100 competitors in total. The "business beard" category gave those with shorter beards and day jobs as shot at glory.

Organizer of the event was the Northern Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Club (a local chapter of Beard Team USA), whose President John Myatt served a emcee. Well done, NLABMC!

(BTW -- BTUSAFASAC Phil Olsen was not a judge as reported in the LA Times, but was the scorekeeper. The judges' score sheets are available for inspection. We're transparent here.)

Complete results:

Business beard 1. Tyler Bussard 2. John Parmer 3. John Thornhill

Freestyle 1. Andy Smith 2. Bradley Kranich 3. Pedro Ayala

Moustache 1. Shawn Hasson 2. Dan Lawler 3. Jack Dishon

Partial beard 1. Nathan Johnson 2. Chris Noel 3. Robert Brosky

Full beard natural 1. Jack Passion 2. Myk O'Connor 3. Scott Lehr

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